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This website utilizing Bootstrap (the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first website). This website is also optimized for users who are utilizing Microsoft Edge (the new web browser running on Windows 10 featuring Cortana).

I am an Information System and Information Technology specialist with broad based software and hardware proficiency where my analytical and problem solving skills are required. More than ten years experience in software development/programming with various languages (Microsoft .NET, Adobe ColdFusion, Java, and PHP), but I am currently focusing myself on Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET, Windows 10, Windows Server, SQL Server, and Xamarin). Before I became a full-time developer, I was a Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, and PC Technician for more than five years.

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Windows 10 (for PC and Mobile) featuring Cortana

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Windows Phone featuring Cortana

LinkedIn and Xamarin University

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Xamarin University

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